Gert's Grand Slam

While there are other batter mixes on the market today, none can match the quality and consistency of our frying mix. Skeeter's batter is lightweight and doesn't soak up as much grease, or get as thick and heavy as other mixes. "If you can fry it, you've got to try it!" Great on meats, veggies, cheeses and anything else you can dip in batter, Skeeter's is the healthiest, tastiest alternative available!


Gert's Grand Slam

    "It's the best that I've tried"

    -Kevin VanDam

    4 Bassmaster Classic wins, 7x Angler of the Year,
    All-time money winner in professional bass fishing
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    “Bar none...The BEST batter for fish, chicken, pork chops, and yes even french fries! Find it, buy it, cook it, you'll LOVE it!”

    Tim V.

    If You Can Fry It,
    You've Got To Try It!

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